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Should Women Make Fitness?

Yes, she should. Many women are afraid of reaching an overly muscular image when they do weight work and stay away from such work. Obviously, this idea is wrong. Because the physical structure and the creation of women are not suitable for being overly muscular.

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Should The Woman do Fitness?

Yes, she should. Many women are afraid of reaching an overly muscular image when they do weight work and stay away from such work. Obviously, this idea is wrong. Because the physical structure and the creation of women are not suitable for being overly muscular. The more they work, the less they have the chance to become muscular like a man in natural ways. So, ladies I call out to you, you do not have to be afraid of exercising with weights.

Women and Weight Work

If a woman makes diet normally without exercising, she gets a simple body with straight lines. Instead, they should add more dumbbells and bars to work with the right fitness program with eating healthy without staying hungry, the body lines will be much better and the body folds will become more apparent. Because as the muscles tighten, even the normal daily work is done, the muscles that appear to have been slightly tilted will appear and a better-shaped body will be displayed.

Women and Weight Work

In terms of muscle structure, there is no big difference between men and women. We are created equal in the number of muscle fibers. Why do not women have the same effect when they have a bigger body like men while doing weight exercises? Yes, the answer is again hormones. As we know, testosterone hormone, which is one of the most effective hormones for bodybuilding, is very common in men. The female hormone is an estrogen hormone, as we all know.

What does this hormone tend to do? Storing fat. The woman’s body was created to give birth to children and give them energy. For this reason, the body needs to be able to store fat when necessary. Here’s the estrogen coming in here. For this reason, a woman can not have very large arms, very large legs, like a man, naturally. For this reason, it is not necessary to make huge differences in the bodybuilding programs for men and women.

How Should Women Play Sports?

It is very important to determine our goal while creating a “sports program”. Movements should be selected according to the nature of the target, repeat numbers, set numbers and rest periods should be determined. Women are generally afraid of being too muscular. For this reason, they are afraid to approach weight work. Of course, as we have just explained, since there is no chance of over-development of muscle mass, a dream of lying on the bench press with 100 kg should not be anymore.

How Should Women Play SportsFirst of all, the first things women should do when starting a sport are the exercises to be done with mild conditions, cardio exercises, and body weight. Thus, the oxygen capacity will be increased and the muscles will be prepared for future work. After working in this way for at least 1 month, the exercises to be done with the machine and dumbbell should be passed but the numbers should be kept plenty. In this way, a thinner but clearer physique must be achieved than a bulky appearance. The next thing to do is to shape your muscles with fitness programs as men do. At this stage, the important thing to note is the physical structure. Every person’s physical structure is different. It should identify the regions that it aims to develop its own body type and give particular importance to these regions.

The shaping of the muscles is especially important for the lines of the ladies. Like male athletes prepared for bodybuilding competitions, they should not be fed with heavy carbohydrates to create a big image and then try to slim it down. Instead, work should be done to keep the fat level as low as possible and to provide continuous physical change.

In stage 3, work with normal bar and high weights should be started. I say that what most people say is wrong. For women, frequent repetitive movements with small dumbbells are recommended. This is definitely wrong. High weights and low repetitions make the muscles tighter and firmer. It is necessary to work to the point where the muscles finish. If you try to do this with a lot of repetition, the muscles will begin to break down in order to consume the ATP, the energy level in the muscles. It is necessary to force the muscles before they reach this level. For this reason, the most suitable works for women at this stage are 3-6 repetitive sets. Yes, do lower repetitions with higher weights and realize how your muscles are hardened and how you look tighter.Should The Woman do Fitness

The next thing you need to do is movements called compound movements. That is movements where more than one muscle is worked by one movement. Squat and deadlift are the best examples. You can get a much tighter look by running too many muscles at the same time with this single motion. I call the women. Drop the small dumbbells phosphorous colors aside now and start working with real iron plates. Because when muscles in our body are active, the fat is passive. That is, the muscles take energy from the body and make efforts to maintain their lives. The fats are static. So they stay fixed. Therefore, the more you increase your muscle mass, the less your fat will be. As the muscle mass increases, do not fear of getting a very large body. Muscles occupy almost half of the weight of the same fat weight. For this reason, you will have a much thinner and much firmer, harder body than you are if you were to increase muscle mass by keeping your current weight and fat burning. For this reason, let’s start to work and develop our muscles.

Should women make fitness? Yes, they should. As hard as possible and as serious as possible. You can ask your questions in the comments section below or on the contact page. Good day Everybody.

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