Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Sleeping Exercises To Do Without Getting Out Of Bed

Getting Out Of Bed Exercise

Your nervous system must be relieved to be able to fall asleep easily. The body relaxes more easily in this state. There are exercises to help you relax.

Keep your feet on the wall

Raise your legs on the wall. Get a pillow under your waist so your waist will not strain. Put your hands to the side. Stay 2 minutes in this position.

bed exercise

Above stomach Position

Get a pillow under your stomach and lock your hands around you. Try to reach your heels by pushing yourself back. Repeat the same move 10 times.

bed exercise 1

Open Your Legs

Sit with your legs wide and put a pillow in front of you. Correct your back and breathe as deep as you can. Then slowly draw your breathes and stretch your arms forward, and lay on the pillow. Repeat this movement 10 times.

bed exercise 2

Crossing legs

Lay your back on a pillow, assemble your feet and spread your knees to the sides. Stay 3 minutes in this position.

bed exercise 3

Look Back

While lying on your back, combine your knees and twist them. Get your head back. Do this position twice, right and left, and stay for 1 minute.

bed exercise 4

Fully lay down

Lay flat on the bed. Your palms should look out. Stay in this position for 3 minutes and breathe deeply.

bed exercise 5

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