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Spine-Health Protection Methods

Spine-Health Protection Methods

Do not make these movements for your spine

Do not make these movements for your spine health. Unwitting positions taken during the day can cause health problems in the future.

The spine bones are one of the basic systems that hold the human body. In later ages, there may be a distortion in the bones structures of the spine and worn out due to thinning. Care should be taken to protect the shape of the spinal bones from early ages in order to avoid possible curvature problems.

Avoid These Movements to Maintain Spine Health

Brushing teeth

Many people bend down to brush their teeth and remain like that for a few minutes. Leaning while brushing your teeth can damage your backbone.Spine-Health Protection Methods (1)

Washing dishes

In this situation, which is more common in all people. You can take a stool under your feet to fix yourself to the position you are in.Spine-Health Protection Methods (2)

Car Wheel Replacement

When you change your car’s wheel, you must stop at the position in the picture shown below to not force your body. That way, you lose less energy and you can not hurt your spine health.Spine-Health Protection Methods (3)

Shopping Bag Carrying

Divide the shopping bags evenly so that that you do not damage the structure of your arm muscles and spine bones.Spine-Health Protection Methods (4)

Floor Cleaning

One of the most important reasons for the formation of the slipped disc in females is to take wrong positions while cleaning. When cleaning the floor, always use a stick brush.Spine-Health Protection Methods (5)

Wearing shoes

You may stay in position with your head bent for a few minutes while wearing your shoes. Sit down and tie your shoes to avoid this situation.Spine-Health Protection Methods (6)

Using Backpack

Do not carry your heavy bags on one shoulder. If you break the weight in half, you will give your spine bones the least damage.Spine-Health Protection Methods (7)

Carrying and dropping off Heavy Objects

Do not carry the weighted objects that will force you to damage the spinal discs. It can cause serious injury and bone problems.Spine-Health Protection Methods (8)

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