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Sports in Pregnancy

In pregnancy, the sport has not been recommended until recently. During the pregnancy period, taking rest is usually recommended, and a very mobile life is not recommended. In recent years, the ideas in this issue have begun to change because of the troubles the ladies have.

Sports in Pregnancy

IIn pregnancy, the sport has not been recommended until recently. During the pregnancy period, taking rest is usually recommended, and a very mobile life is not recommended. In recent years, the ideas in this issue have begun to change because of the troubles the ladies have. A sedentary life causes the muscles to loosen and the joints to weaken, which makes it difficult for the ladies to manage their daily lives during the pregnancy as well as the troubles during birth.

Staying Fit Before And After Pregnancy

Exercise prepares your blood circulation before anything else. Besides, the level of cholesterol is balanced, the oxygen capacity is increased and the muscles are strengthened. The exercises to be carried out correctly in this challenging period will provide a very healthy, untroubled pregnancy. Especially as the abdominal region enlarges forward and sideways, it will start to put too much load on the muscles of the waist, back muscles and leg muscles. For this, exercises should be done against back pain. If these muscles are not strengthened by light and proper exercises, the joints and spine will be very difficult and the troubles like finding the difficulty of sleeping will be the beginning of the problems.

The biggest problems during pregnancy are in the abdomen and waist region. Because there is an expansion in this region to prepare for the infant baby. For this reason, there are pain and difficulties in the excretion system and the digestive system. To prevent them, gentle walks exercises to accelerate blood circulation and thus oxygen uptake must be made. Thus, we can relax our own circulatory system and leave our muscles free for about a year. Otherwise, our muscles will loose too much in this one year and we will not be able to find the necessary power in situations such as moving the baby after delivery, moving the materials, etc.

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Pregnant women have less oxygen storage capacity than normal people. Because of the enlargement in the abdominal region, lung expansion capacities are falling. Therefore, there is no chance of oxygen uptake in the body until the previous periods. For this reason, they will not be able to show their previews performance. In addition, the blood circulation needs to increase. The heart rate increases from 10 to 20 minutes per minute. For this reason, they will start to fatigue sooner than normal times. The way to stabilize the situation is to increase the fitness level by walking and to allow more oxygen to enter the body.


The pre-pregnancy period is actually much more important than the pregnancy process. The body should be prepared during this period of pregnancy. Our muscles, especially our hips, legs, waist and back muscles, need to be strengthened enough to carry us in pregnancy and put an end to unhealthy feeding. Exercises to be performed during this period are exercises made with weight or body weight, if possible. The aim is to thicken our muscle fibers and make them stronger. Stretchings must not be neglected. Because in the future, our muscles should be more flexible and longer to be able to get away from injuries.

What Should Exercises Be Made During Pregnancy?

The exercises to be done in this process should be exercised that are more weightless and relieved. As a result of research done on a group, it has been determined that individuals who spend the pregnancy process doing sport, bring their babies more healthy. The heartbeat and blood values of the baby in the outborn are also healthier.

It is necessary to pay attention to the exercises to be done without bounces, rapid revolutions, and sudden movements. Exercises to increase aerobic capacity slightly, pulse-like movements to increase muscular strength exercise should be preferred. Movement repetitions should be planned slowly and repeatedly. If possible, more than one exercise should be done during the day and the work should spread throughout the day. It is not necessary to use weight, but if you want to use it, it should be done under the doctor’s supervision and certainly in the presence of a supervisor. During this period, muscles should be loaded lightly. The exercises like stretching, pulling, throwing are harmful and should be avoided. Movements should be made on the knees as much as possible or sitting ones should be preferred.

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It is necessary to exercise at least 3 times a week during pregnancy. The duration of each exercise should be around 15 minutes on average. It is not a good idea to try to lose weight in this period. Because the daily calorie requirement increases by 300-400 calories minimum. With this in mind, we should not extend the exercise period too long.

Warming up and cooling must be done at the beginning and end of the exercises. Stretch movements should be included in the same program. Otherwise, the fatigue of our muscles will increase excessively and it will bring harm to us.

After Pregnancy

After Pregnancy

Increased hormone levels and blood circulation rate during pregnancy can return to the old condition after 6 to 8 weeks. If you start exercises once again in this process, the body can turn back to its old form much more quickly and the time I have just stated is shortening. After pregnancy, gentle stretching and warming movements will suffice first. In this way, our muscles will be gradually warmed up and prepared for future periods. Therefore, aerobics exercises and sports can be started again after an average of 2 weeks after birth. If the birth was performed with cesarean section surgery should be more careful. Such a “post-natal” period of 1-1.5 months should be spent resting in order to cover the wounds. After that, aerobic exercises should be started and this process should be continued for 2 months. The dosage of the sport can then be increased.

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