Monday, October 29, 2018
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Suggestions to Prevent Split Hair

Suggestions to Prevent Split Hair

Our hair is affected by everything starting from our daily stress to the foods we eat. From the wind to the rain and dust, it can be affected by any situation comes to your mind. The reason is that our hair is the rarest region of us and that it is exposed to all the factors in the day.

Let’s say the air is very damp and you are getting ready to go out. Everything is fine, but after a couple of hours out you see that your hair starts to get oily. The humidity in the air can even show as if your hair is not washed away for a long time. Our hair roots and our strands are very sensitive. They can be affected by everything and split. If you do not take care of your hair, split hair will inevitably end for you. Yes, there is a solution to split hair. If you cut the split hairs, you will give it back its vitality. This the solution after hair split, but what can you do before the split hair?

Note this recommendation to prevent split hair;
  • First of all, do not forget to cut off the tips of your hair at certain times. This process adds fullness and vitality to your hair. It helps strengthen your hair, which delays the formation of split hair.
  • You can nourish your hair by choosing a mask type (dry hair – greasy hair – dyed and dry, etc.) that you will choose according to your hairstyle and be applying it as often as your hairdresser says. The fed hair will not break as it will be soft.
  • You should not expose your hair to styles that will cause it to stretch like knots, ponytails, weaves for too long. If you prefer one of these models or a similar model you should free your hair in the air and wash it with cream.
  • Your hair will be one of these suggestions when you do a sudden heat load. Use nourishing sprays or creams before or during applications like drier, press, tong.
  • If you use chemicals continuously to maintain the stability of your model, your hair hardens and the strands start to fall and split afterward. Jelly, wax, briyantine, hairsprays (those that only aim to shape without nutrients) will damage your hair follicles and splits again inevitably.
  • Before washing your hair, apply some lemon juice to your hair, and if you rub the lemon to your head your hair (if possible with the crust), your hair will be strengthened as vitamins in the lemon are nourishing.
  • Natural hair masks that you can prepare at home will benefit your hair again because you know your content and make it easy to use.
  • If you keep your hair cold or you wash your hair just before you go out, or before you keep cold water under your hair, this will prevent your blood pressure from getting low due to the heat change and the nutrient effect of cold water.

With these and many other simple suggestions, you can prevent your hair from breakage, and the hair breakage you will not notice at first will not be aesthetically pleasing. However, you can not cure the split hair of you if you continue with the same practices, the burning of your hair is also a matter of moment. Hair care should be done regardless of whether it is long or short. Only with this condition, you can get the voluminous, strong and wonderful looking hair that you like.

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