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The harms of using drugs in menstrual period

The harms of using drugs in menstrual period

Pain in menstrual period is unbearable for some women. In some women, menstrual pains may occur in the early stages of menstruation, while in some women it may be a problem. In both cases, the pains are self-medication and sometimes the treatment is applied to the specialists. Measures taken by the patient on his own use of drugs are also available. So, what are the harms of using drugs during menstruation?

It is not very accurate to use pain relievers to relieve pain without too much attention to relieve pain. First of all, it is necessary to investigate the cause of pain by applying to a specialist. If there are menstrual periods, a reason should be determined and treatment method should be applied accordingly.

The harms of using drugs in menstrual period1

For the treatment of medication with expert opinion, firstly, painkillers in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory group should be used. Especially in the content of ketopreofen drugs are more effective to be preferred. These painkillers will start to be used approximately two days before menstruation and will continue to be more effective after the menstruation is started.

Women are aware of when there will be a health problem unless it is a health problem and it will be appropriate to start by calculating it. However, patients who will use these drugs should be very careful about those who have stomach problems. Contrary to what is known in the ring, painkillers have no effect on reducing bleeding.

Apart from painkillers, the very few used contraceptives are another way of cutting pieces of pains. Birth control pills prevent ovulation in women. The cause of menstruation is the realization of ovulation. It is possible to reduce these pains by using birth control pills. The method of treatment with birth control pills should be applied for patients who do not think about children.

Apart from these, especially in the mid-age menstrual laparoscopy or diagnostic reasons due to reasons such as myomy polyp, ovarian cyst, endometriosis such as pathology in the diagnosis of the diagnosis can be made with an expert decision.

Apart from these, it is possible to cut the menstrual pain by taking the nerves leading to the womb which are very old methods. In cases where there is no response from any treatment, it is the removal of the uterus and ovaries by the surgery which should be applied as a last resort. However, it is not very applied method for menstruation.

Lack of information about the number of girls due to the way the girls are raised, lack of knowledge about what menstruation means means that young girls experience unnecessary anxiety and fear. Families need to be sensitive about this issue and enough information should be given about what menstruation should be and what they should do after a certain age. It should be explained how important the menstrual bleeding is in a young girl, not because it is dirty, dirty, but with the help of an expert and they should be educated consciously when they are young.

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