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Top 10 Hair Styles for Round Faces

Top 10 Hair Styles for Round Faces

If you have an oval face, you can use your hair to make the roundness of your face, which resembles a plump, look, less obvious. With your choice of hairstyles, you can show your face longer and hide the oval appearance.

Many famous names from the world and from our country are using this method. We have listed the hairstyles that people with round faces can apply;

1. Pompadour ModelTop 10 Hair Styles for Round Faces 1

One of the most popular puff hairstyles used by round faces is Pompadour hairstyle. This style, which does not look very regular but is very stylish, is great to show your face longer.

2. Long Bob Hair Style

Top 10 Hair Styles for Round Faces 2

If your hair is not too long, a long bob for your short hair will save your face from the oval appearance. If your hair is thin you should add more layers.

3. Pixie Cut Hair Style

Pixie Cut Hair Style

When you reflect a modern urban style to your hair, you may make your rounded face kind of invisible. The ideal hairstyles for this are usually pixie cut hair.

4. Long and Sweet Layers

Long and Sweet Layers

If you think that this hairstyle is right for you, tell the hair styling to shape the layers outward from the bottom of the down of your chin. By this way, you will be able to open your face and make it look longer.

5. Puffy Bob Model

Puffy Bob Model

If you have an oval face, I suggest you follow Jennifer Lawrance closely. Even though she has an oval face, she often makes it an advantage with her makeup and preferred hairstyles. This fluffy bob hairstyle falling to the side of her eyes also prevents the oval look on her face.

6. Creating a Side Part

Creating a Side Part

As Mila Kunis does, you can create a side that starts from the middle of your eyebrows, making your face look longer.

7. Hair Separated From The Middle

Hair Separated From The Middle

Drew Barrymore is one of the most lovely ovals faced celebrity. She has given her hair simple shape by separating her it from the center, and it shows her face long. You can try this hairstyle when you do not have much time.

8. Cute Side Forelock

Cute Side Forelock

As in Emma Stone’s hairstyle, the side forelocks make your cheekbones sharper and make your face look less oval.

9. Modified Pixie Cut

Modified Pixie Cut

Especially in the summer of 2018, you started to see pixie cut hairstyles more and more around you. This is also a popular model among Hollywood actresses. If you have a round face like Charlize Theron, you will have a haircut that is very compatible with this kind of modified pixie model.

10. Ballerina Ball

Ballerina Ball

You can try a ballerina ball that is suitable for everyday use when you need a hairstyle that will not take much time but at the same time will give you a longer face look than you have.

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