Monday, October 29, 2018

Usage Times of Makeup Materials

Makeup Materials

We did a detailed research on the usage times of makeup materials. The situation is a bit distressing if you are using the eye pencil from a corner of your bag or a lipstick that has been closed for years.

Usage times of makeup materials

If you go to Market and buy a product, how do you have a history of consumption, it is also on makeup materials are also available. As a result of the investigations, 1 out of every 4 females have no information about the use period of makeup materials and continue to use these makeup materials.

Makeup Materials (2)

Normally, the duration of use of an eye shadow is exactly 1 year. However, many women have been using the eye shadow for 6 years. This situation is very dangerous and destroys your health. Famous cosmetics companies say “women can not afford to put on make-up supplies“.

How can I tell if the makeup material is broken?

You need to pay attention to some tricky things to know if a makeup item is broken and not broken.

Mascara: If you develop mascara and become difficult to drive, it is likely that it has been corrupted and outdated. Women continue to use rinsed, generally dried water. If you are considering eye health, do not use rinsed water, which is absolutely dry.

Foundation: The color after first use is very different from the color after the date. The corrupt foundation is much sharper. Even when applying to your skin, it leaves small pieces of skin on the skin. If you want the foundation to last long, you should absolutely close your mouth tightly and wipe your mouth after every use.

Lipstick: You can understand from the smell that a lipstick is broken, from the smell. Apart from that, it softens and lubricates. If you want your lipstick to last longer, you should keep it away from very hot or cold environments.

Nail polish: In general, the nail polish lost its fluidity. In fact, the substance that gives color to the ooze changes to the bottom of the bottle and the color changes. In order to prolong the use period of the ogen, it is necessary to clean the mouth of the bottle with acetone after each use.


  • Wash your makeup brush at least twice a week.
  • Wash the makeup sponges after each use.
  • Don’t leave any make-up material cover open.
  • Keep the makeup brush away from damp areas.
  • Make-up materials should never be exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Eye pens should be regularly opened with a sharpener and kept away from bacteria.
  • You should wash and disinfect your hands before using cosmetics.
  • Cosmetics should never be shared with anyone else
  • If any color is found in the color of the stench, it should be thrown immediately.

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