Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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Vitamins for healthy hair

healthy hair vitamin

You want your hair to be healthy, soft, shining and strong hair. But do you get all the vitamins you need for this? We have done a research to answer this question and we have compiled the vitamins for healthy hair that you need to get.

Folic Acid (B9 Vitamin)healthy hair vitamin b9

B9 vitamin effects for hair: It is effective against hair loss. It accelerates the renewal of the cells that provide the hair growth, allowing faster hair growth. Prevents hair from early whitening.

Foods that contain B9 vitamin: Dried beans, lentils, spinach, asparagus, lettuce, avocado, broccoli, mango, oranges, wheat bread

A vitaminhealthy hair vitamin A

Benefits for hair: Antioxidant features helps hair to shine. It also strengthens your hair with its effective structure against hair loss. Protect the hair from external factors. Especially those who work in stressful jobs should consume a lot of A vitamin.

Foods that contain vitamin A: Jerusalem artichoke, carrots, dark and fibrous greens, pumpkin, lettuce, dried apricots, melon, red pepper, tuna, mango

C vitamin

healthy hair vitamin cC vitamin effects for hair: Protects hair against external factors. It carries the antioxidant property. It increases the blood circulation in the hair and allows your hair to feel better. It is also effective against dry and broken hair.

Foods that contain C vitamin: Peppers, dark green fibrous vegetables, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas, papaya, parsley

E vitamins

E vitamin effects for hair: Vitamin E is a big influence on hair renewal. There is a protective effect because it contains abundant antioxidants such as vitamin A. Those who worry about hair loss should consume a lot of vitamin E.

Foods that contain vitamin E: Soy cheese, spinach, almonds, moonflower, avocado, shelled seafood, trout, olive oil, broccoli, pumpkinhealthy hair vitamin e

Biotin B7 vitamins (Biotin)

Effects for hair: B7 vitamins The most important vitamins for the development of hair. There are plenty of biotin in almost all of the prepared hair growing or resorting shampoo and conditioner. But the best thing is to take it by nature. For this, it is best to consume foods rich in biotin.

Foods that contain biotin: Chard, carrot, almond, walnut, egg, milk, mulberry, strawberry, plaice fish, vegetables

healthy hair vitamin b7

B12 vitamin

B12 vitamins effects on hair: The formation of red blood cells has a great effect. These cells carry oxygen to the necessary organs in the body. Its’ effect on your hair is critical, as its’ duty to carry the necessary oxygen for your scalp of hair. It is effective against whitening and slow growth.

Foods that contain B12 vitamin: shelled seafood, offal, mackerel, soy-fortified foods, cornflakes, red meat, low-fat milk, kashkaval cheese, eggs, white meat

healthy hair vitamin b12

B3 vitamins

B3 vitamins effects for hair: Vitamin B3, which plays an important role in energy production in the body, prevents weakness of your hair. It is effective against broken hair and weak hair. The vasodilating effect accelerates blood circulation and contributes to the renewal of your hair.

Foods that contain B3 vitamin: Tuna fish, chicken and turkey meat, offal, peanuts, red meat, mushrooms, peas, sunflower seeds, avocado.

healthy hair vitamin b3

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