Sunday, October 28, 2018

Wanted! Who is the criminal of the weight?

criminal of the weight

Genetic structure, unhealthy diet? Or …

You are really asking the reason behind your over weight … Whatever the truth seems, you never find yourself slim. So why? How can your ‘criminals‘ become your conspirators of your healthy life?

Oh those mothers!

Sad but true; There will always be a slimmer woman than you are as long as you are alive! If this skinny woman is walking on the podium, the problem is not so great. However, if the person who is slimmer than you is your mother, then at this point the event gains another dimension. Moreover, a mother who wears a miniskirt on her thin legs and who says, “I was so slim when i were your age,” should be proud, but can have an opposite effect on your consciousness. Gilly Green, a psychotherapist who works in an eating disorder clinic in London, says, “We are living in a ‘poor’ culture now.” “You are not exercising,” “You eat a lot,” “How many calories do you know?” And counting what you eat. You lose weight and the world turns around you. ” “In a society that counts the calories you get, it’s normal for you to think that you are overweight and diet. But you have to admit that your mother asks you to go into a slimming trend is extremely normal. “Well, what are you going to do? Sit with your mother and talk this seriously.

Explain how your speech, which constantly signals you that you need to be weak, affects you negatively and makes you feel fat. But do not throw away all the crime to your mother and make sure you eat a little. Of course it is not just a thin mother that makes you feel fat. Correct and healthy eating takes place at the top of the list as one of the main reasons for the weight of a grandmother who breaks up her efforts with her wonderful memories. If you are still approaching as a small prince, even if you come home half-pasted, you should perhaps recall that you are an age when you eat delicious food and do not eat at home, so you can not burn calories anymore. Ironically, in both cases your mother is doing these for your sake …

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