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What Causes Hair Loss and How to Prevent it

What Causes Hair Loss

Hair loss can be quite uneasy and helpless problem. But knowing the causes of hair loss and applying care to it can finish this uneasy situation. Just as previews each treatment, the cause of the disturbance should be fully determined and treated accordingly. So, make sure that you have the following hair loss factors:

Reasons for hair loss

1. Correct nutrition: hair consists of cells called keratin. The fact that these cells are strong enough and grow fast depends on our nutrition.

2. Aging: With aging, hair begins to weaken by thinning. Hair needs 22 amino acids to grow. As we age, the number of amino acids we receive decreases. To avoid this, you need to consume soybean, lean meat, dairy products, fish, eggs, and nuts in abundance.

3. Sudden weight loss: Hair loss can also be seen as a result of a sudden trauma. Nutritional disorders such as not to be satiety and anorexia can also cause hair loss. In order to gain a proper eating habit, the treatment of these diseases will reduce hair loss.

4. Hormonal changes: When hormone levels are too high or too low can cause hair loss. Because hormones regulate the normal functioning of organs in the body. If you are experiencing hair loss with the cause of hormonal changes, you can use the medications prescribed by your doctor to regulate your hormones.

5. Extreme shaping: Every woman likes to play with her hair and change its color or shape from time to time. However, excessive use of chemicals during these operations can weaken your hair and cause it to fall off.

6. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, one of the many women’s worst nightmare can be hair loss. There is no need to panic, once you hold your child in your arms, that problem will disappear as hormones will get arranged in this case like all other troubles.

7. Medicines: Some medicines used regularly can cause hair loss. If you have regularly used medicines, it is worthwhile to read the prospectuses carefully.

8. Genetics: If you have hair loss in your family, it may be a disorder to you from your genes.

9. Stress: As a disorder, we can not pass stress without writing. We should remove the problem of hair loss by removing the stress which is harmful to every cell of our body, in our lives.

10. Thyroid disorders: Hair loss may also occur in patients with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. By applying the treatment recommended by your doctor, you can reduce both thyroid disease and hair loss.

11. Excessive vitamin A intake: According to the American Academy of Dermatology research, excessive vitamin A intake leads to hair loss. According to the same research, hair loss caused by this is a temporary condition. It will disappear when vitamin A intake is reduced.

12. Vitamin B deficiency: Vitamin B has a very important role in your hair and it can cause hair loss when it is deficient. By taking vitamin B supplementation, you can easily prevent hair loss.

13. Fungal infections: Some fungal infections also cause hair loss. With proper treatment, hair loss can be prevented.

Read carefully to prevent hair loss

a. Give up Junk food

Give up Junk food

An unhealthy lifestyle, excessive fast food nutrition and too much of junk food will speed hair loss like an erosion. This type of fast-food and junk food increases the toxin level in the body. These toxins also cause hair loss. The best ways to get rid of toxins in your body is to drink plenty of water and do regular sports. For home health, choose freshly made homemade food and at least 8 glasses of water a day.

b. Be gentle with your hair when it’s wet

Blond woman applying hair conditioner. Isolated on white.

Avoid scrubbing your hair while it is dry and brushing when it is wet. Your hair will be more vulnerable and available to split when its wet, so do not forget to dry it before you brush your hair.

c. Massage your hair deep

Massage your hair deep

Hair bottom massage will accelerate blood circulation in your hair and your hair will be strengthened in this way. Even though it doesn’t always come to your mind to massage your hair roots, you can bring this message to mind at least when you shampoo your hair during the bath.

d. Do not overdo your hair

It would be beneficial for hair loss to choose a more natural, simpler style instead of the hairstyles that force your hair and apply excessive pressure.

e. Do not apply excessive heat to your hair

Do not apply excessive heat to your hair

One of the best things you can do to speed up your hair falling is to shape your hair with plenty of heat. It both weaken your hair and causes it to fall off.

f. Do not rinse your hair with hot water

Do not rinse your hair with hot water

Rinsing your hair with excessively hot water is very bad for the health of your hair. When rinsing, just use warm or cold water.

g. Be careful when dieting

Be careful when dieting

You should consume the healthy food regularly so that your hair can maintain its strength. Some solid diets may force you to consume a single food group. In this case, your hair may weaken because you can not get the required nutrition.

h. Practice regularly

Practice regularly

Since regular exercise will accelerate metabolism, nutrients in the body will be absorbed more easily and effectively. In addition, exercise has a stress-reducing effect.

i. Reduce caffeine intake

Reduce caffeine intake

Particularly those who have a dry hair type and also take a caffeine intensively will make their hair very weak. This can result in hair breaks and fall.

Natural cures to prevent hair loss

1. Hair massage courses

Lightly heat oil, such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, dropping a few drops of essential oil such as lavender oil. After a warm consistency, you can massage your hair bottom with these oils. During massage, make sure that your hair is deeply absorbed by your gently pressing by your fingertips slightly. This mixture will strengthen your hair roots and make your hair relaxed.

2. physalis cure

  • 1 teaspoon physalis
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix the lemon juice with the physalis. Massage your hair roots with the mixture. Cover your hair with a shower cap and sleep this way for 1 night. Next morning wash your hair with shampoo. By the rich vitamin C in the Physalis, hair loss will be reduced.

3. Cumin cure

Soak 1 cup full of cumin seeds in the water in the evening. In the morning, get it out of the water and crush it until you get a consistency. Apply this mixture to your hair and your hair roots and put on a shower cap. Rinse after waiting for 40 minutes. The rich protein and nicotinic acids found in the seeds of Cumin grass seeds strengthen the blood circulation in your hair.

4. Onion cure

  • 3 tablespoons onion juice
  • 2 tablespoons aloe vera jelly
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

Mix the materials together. Apply the mixture to your hair and hair roots and wait for 30 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water. You can apply this mixture for 2-3 days a week. Onion water will heal bacteria and infections that cause hair loss in your hair and will prevent hair loss.

5. Camellia cure

  • 10 Camellia flowers
  • 2 cups coconut oil

Add the camellia flowers into the coconut oil. Heat up to carbonization. Filter with a strainer. Apply this oil to your hair before you go to bed, and rinse with shampoo in the morning. Apply this application once a week. This cure is good for hair loss as well as it has anti-dandruff feature.

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