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What Is BB Cream And What is It Good For

What Is BB Cream And What is It Good For

BB cream is a cream that is groomed, smoothed and widely used in make-up products. BB cream is a indispensable cream for many women because it is used practically while giving a natural appearance to other creams.


Every woman wants to have a perfect and wonderful skin. However, due to the circumstances of our time, we are forced to do makeup due to untimely skin problems such as apnea, pregnancy traces, sun spots, brown stains, redness. BB cream has a beautiful tone to your skin, there are those who are called hani makeup-free beauty. Here is the BB cream that makes you look natural as if you have never done makeup.

BB creams that women have not given up over the last few years have been very popular with both practical use and skin care. In addition, the fonts were replaced by a natural look. BB is a very concealer outside of the cream, making it over-mat and weight. Bb cream creates naturalness rather than opacity.

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What is BB Cream? What Works?

BB cream means “blemish balm” in short, stain balsam in short. BB cream is a kind of sealer. It conceals facial deformations and skin problems so that the face looks better and smoother. BB creams are a product that can be used both as a makeup and as a moisturizer. Also protect from the sun. We have always mentioned BB cream for foundation. BB is the most important feature that separates the cream from the foundation is the moisturizer.

Because BB cream moisturizing feature, protect your face against skin dryness in summer months. It moisturizes your face and softens it at the same time, providing a lively, natural look. In addition, BB cream contains minerals and vitamins in your face, refreshing and revitalizing the skin. BB cream is one of the creams that protect your skin against the sun just like sun cream.

BB Cream Tones

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BB creams have a lot of color tone. Some color tones are produced as a single color. Single color tones generally match all skin colors. Actually, is not that beautiful? Whatever your skin tone is, it will be a BB cream that adapts to you.

BB cream application is very easy and practical. You do not need a sponge or foundation brush just like you would at the foundation. With the help of a hand massage can massage your skin and you can easily apply. In BB cream, there are no problems like lines, accumulation, mat look like foundation. If your skin is very flawed and there are too many skin problems, BB cream is not a suitable cream for you. Because BB cream is a more transparent cream than foundation.

How to Use BB Cream

If you have never used BB cream, and you are going to use it for the first time, you may not know exactly how to use BB cream. For this reason, we wanted to tell you the subtleties of using BB cream and how to use it.

  • First, buy BB cream suitable for your skin type. But before you buy it, be sure to use tester.
  • After purchasing the BB cream, go in front of the mirror and apply a very mild moisturizer to your skin. BB creams actually have moisturizing effect. However, you can be confident that you will get much better results with the humidifier you will have before the BB cream.
  • If your skin is very oily, you can put powder on your skin. Otherwise, your skin will glow immediately after the BB cream has been swallowed.
  • If your skin is not very oily, if it is normal, you can lightly blush before rubbing the powder and you can get the cheekbones to the fore and get a better image.

BB Cream

  • Take the BB cream bottle and squeeze 2-3 drops on your index finger.
  • Use your index finger to spread the cream on your forehead, cheeks, and nose.
  • In the meantime, apply circular motion and cream until all your face is closed. If the cream is not enough, it will be enough to repeat in the same way.

After using BB cream, I’m sure you will feel freshness, freshness in your face and throw a foundation on the foundation. I have shared photos before and after BB cream. You can easily see how effective BB cream is.

RECOMMENDED BB Cream Brands, Features and Prices

We would like to give you information about the most preferred BB cream brands, BB cream properties and BB cream prices.

La Rosce Posay Hydreane BB Cream

This BB cream is a dermocosmic product and contains thermal water. It is absolutely free from parabens and is a cream that is suitable for sensitive skin type. Relax, moisturize and calm the skin. This BB crime price is 17$.

BB Cream

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

This BB cream is a cream that matches the color of your skin. Do not let the panic in the tube make you panic. This bb kremin has three different tones. Besides being a moisturizer, it gives a very natural appearance. The price is 15$ TL.

BB Cream

Estee Lauder Daywear BB Cream

This Bb cream moisturizing feature as well as a considerable improvement in concealment. Besides these, the skin refreshes and leaves a pleasant fragrance. During the day you will get a pleasant smell from your face. The price is 20$.

BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

It provides a high degree of protection against harmful sun rays and does not polish the skin. Especially ideal for those who want the skin to look matt bb cream is ideal. Moisturize and protect your skin throughout the day, as if you did not have oil. The price is 13$.

BB Cream

Garnier Pure & Clean BB Cream

It is a bb cream which is highly preferred for those who love matt appearance. It’s a bit lower than others in terms of concealment. This BB cream can be used for skin tone equals and sensitive skin. At the same time, it also has an illuminating feature. The price is 13.50$.

BB Cream

Missha BB Cream

Missha bb cream is a korean brand. It can use especially dry and normal skin. If you have mixed skin, you can use powder before the cream of bb. Also, Missha bb cream will protect you from the sun. Price 16$

BB Cream

Nivea BB Cream

This bb cream, which protects from 10 factors sunlight, balances skin tone and does not excessively brighten skin. It is a fairly ideal cream for lovers of mat look. Nivea bb cream has two different colors. Someone is in an open field. The light is the pink color. Light color is more suitable for white skin. However, we recommend you try and see when you get Nivea bb cream. The price is 13.50$

BB Cream

Which BB cream is better? or is it the best BB cream for me that suits me best? If you ask, the cream that best suits your skin type is the best. You can see quite a lot of bb cream in cosmetic lines. You should definitely check and investigate these brands.

“Some BB cream brands can irritate your skin allergies, redness and irritation.”

BB Cream Choices

Before purchasing BB cream, you should learn the exact properties of BB Kream. Because the BB cream contains a variety of different effects that provide each other. However BB Cream is generally characterized by;

  • Moisturizer
  • Count Whitening
  • Prevent UV rays
  • Silver lining
  • Color the skin
  • It breaks the light and makes the skin look brighter.
  • It contains anti-aging component
  • It enriches the skin with the vitamins contained in it.

BB Cream

As a footnote, we recommend that you do not take BB Cream everywhere. BB Cream is known when you bought it and it is useful to buy it from places that have been branded.

Choose BB Cream Suitable for Your Skin Type

There are varieties of BB Creams. For this reason, when choosing BB cream, you should choose carefully which is the most suitable product for your skin. For the most effective experience, BB cream with 3 different types, pay attention to the features that suit you and the choice of the type of skin.

  • If you have a fatty oily skin, you can buy a BB cream that is mat covered. BB cream with natural extracts is sensitive to oily skin.
  • If you have a normal skin and want a smoother skin look, you should choose a moisturizing BB cream. BB Cream moisturizer helps balances your skin tone and whitens skin.
  • If you have a rough skin, thick creams can cause excessive buildup of the skin. For this reason, prefer BB cream in watery consistency. At the same time, it is beneficial to choose BB cream, which contains moisturizing properties.
Choose BB Cream That is Suitable for Your Skin Tone

BB Cream tones also vary. For this reason, when choosing a BB cream, you can benefit from choosing BB cream suitable for your skin tone. The bb cream, which is close to natural skin tone, will suit you. If you have the opportunity to tester or test it, do not forget to test it by rubbing it on your hand.

BB Cream

Use Your Fingers For Applying BB Cream

Many people use sponge or brush to use bb cream. However, if you use your fingers instead of using a brush or sponge, you will get more effective results. If you shoot with your fingers at the point you want, you will have effective results. For this reason, we recommend using your fingers while using BB cream.

BB Cream

BB Cream Best Practice Methods!

If you have doubts about how to apply BB cream, it is worthwhile to make 5 point application first. Using this five point application and your fingers, first crawl to 5 points and then spread the cream.

BB Cream Usage should be as follows;

  • Keep the tip, nose, cheeks, chin points and then distribute the creamy face with the help of your fingers.
  • Do not forget that the amount of BB cream should be the same at 5 points.
  • Do not forget to apply it to your skin when you apply BB Cream to your skin without feeling too much or too hard.

BB Cream

How to Use BB Cream for Oily Skin

If you have an oily skin, we recommend using a sponge while running the BB cream application. We have witnessed that it is better distributed with creamy oil in those who have oily skin and at the same time does not give proper results by hand. For this reason, we strongly recommend using ointment with ointment when using ointment with ointment.

BB Cream

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