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What is Detox?

The answer to what is detox question is actually hidden in its name. It means purification from toxins. Detox, which is a process for making the body healthy, is now mostly used for weight loss...

what is detox

The answer to what is detox question is actually hidden in its name. It means purification from toxins. Detox, which is a process for making the body healthy, is now mostly used for weight loss. It may be possible to lose weight during the application, but it is better not to be like a diet.

What is Detox?

We can evaluate it as the cleansing of internal organs as the purification of harmful substances. It is based on clearing intestines, which are particularly dense bacteria. Already this cleaning event is done with the use of both aperient and nutrition. A nutrition program based on the consumption of plenty of fiber and vegetables should be implemented. Hence, it will be avoided from harmful bacteria that have accumulated in both intestines and will not be allowed to enter harmful substances from the outside. The cleaning process is still ongoing. The harmful substances in the vicinity should be cleaned. This process is usually done by herbal teas. Various teas are being given to be drunk and fed at certain times, along with toxins in the blood. The next step is to avoid getting external toxins. If we have the possibility, if we have such a plan, we should take care to make it in a clean air zone. Because our breathing and blood will serve our direct aim to provide clean oxygen.

How to Detox?

Apart from many detox methods, it is possible for us to divide into three stages in general, to group the stages of the detoxies: the first is to “clear the toxins”, the second is to avoid exposure to toxins and the third is to be fed. So, first of all, we will try not to be exposed to new substances while we are putting harmful substances into our bodies in the past, and at the same time, we will ensure that our internal organs are healthier with proper nutrition.

Removing toxins from our bodiesRemoving toxins from our bodies

This process usually takes two to three days as a continuous process. Clearing the intestines, which is the outward opening of the body, can be regarded as the beginning of the removal and cleaning of toxins. This process is done in various ways. In detox types, drugs called herbal laxatives are generally used for cleaning. By these drugs, the intestines are completely cleansed. In addition, the process of clearing the intestines through the fluid is also carried out. After that, other organs must be cleaned. The liver, kidneys, blood and skin should also be cleaned. Herbal teas are usually used for these processes. As a result of researchers, it is known that tea such as dandelion tea is very useful for detoxification. It is known that 2 cups of dandelion tea a day cleanse the harmful substances, relieves the kidneys and is very beneficial to the liver.

Keeping the body away from toxins

After we have done our internal cleanup, we have to stop the external toxin intake. In particular, our respiratory tract should be protected from exposure to polluted air. The toxins we are exposed to are generally related to our working environment, or to our nutrition. Perfumes that we use on a daily basis are paints and similar products, toxins that we invite to our bodies, either by breathing or if we are working with Keeping the body away from toxinschemicals. We should try to use masks and the like in this kind of work as much as possible. Nutrition is a much more important way. We should try to give importance to the naturalness of the food we consume. When we look at the contents of the foods we buy from the grocery stores, we can see how many preservatives they contain. This suggests shows that we are continuing the rapid uptake of toxins. At this stage, vegetables and fruits should be consumed as much as possible and the invigorating anti-aging effect of the greens should be taken. Carbohydrate and protein intake should not be cut off but should be reduced. If protein uptake is stopped, the amino acid chain in our body will be destroyed and the catabolism of the textures destruction will begin. The main point is that these foods should be very well cleaned.


Nutrition is crucial for cell renewal and continuity. Cell renewal process varies from cell to cell, but it is related to nutrition. We need to get all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients we need in the required proportions. Otherwise, the cell renewal may reach the stopping point after a while. The most common mistake is to stop taking the necessary nutrients during detox or dieting, rather than to benefit from them. It is necessary to take care of all kinds of food during feeding because there are too many substances already taken from the body during detox. In some types of food detox, a single food may be nourished for several days Watermelon detox is one of them. It would be more convenient if such a detox is not taken out of the determined period.

I wanted to touch on the general framework of detoxification and how to do it. There are many detox methods in the market. The things I’m talking about are general rules and bases. The main thing is to make the above rules a way of life. I wish you a good day…

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