Thursday, November 8, 2018

What is Migraine? How is it treated?


Every person who has the disease can not do anything to the person suffering from intense pain from the outside, for some reason, doctors are drowning drugs to the people even if the drugs are heavy in times of severe need to be drunk in time, the use of the drug does not exceed the pain and the head spreading on both sides of the day Like the disease, it affects a large number of people, and the number is increasing, it is more common in women than men.

what is MigraineAlthough it may be disturbing, painful, loss of labor force, irritability, disturbance, loss of vision and emotional changes, people who have this disease need to get used to living with it. In everyday life, we cannot escape any kind of people in social life. The desire to move away from noise, a stubborn pain that can not pass the bed in question, to prevent the feeding of the brain, vomiting because the lack of appetite completely affects the human power, and when it passes, a happy smiley face in front of us, even though how tired, struggling to survive those eyes continue to stand strong for the pain, but they still feel pain, but still try to survive with drugs.

I have migraines and I’m drawn to the corner of individuals, do not care about these people do not care? We’re looking at them instead of helping them? But what was supposed to be in their place? For everyone, their problem is important, like everything else, we do not believe a little in fact they are tired of life for them, their problems, people are looking for reasons to escape.

In fact, what is important is that the affected people are affected by their relatives as well as those who do not fulfill their responsibilities adequately, and the fact that people cannot be in their jobs due to this disease increases every day. The severity of pain varying from person to person varies according to the year so it should be aware of human disease and should be diagnosed in a timely manner, appropriate drugs should be taken and no disease should be simplified. In addition, attacks are reduced in people aged 55 and over.

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