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What is Protein ?

What is protein and what is not? How much and how should be consumed? We often hear how much proteins per kg of protein should be consumed or, "we should feed on protein," while dieting, but do we understand anything?

what is protein

What is protein and what is not? How much and how should be consumed? We often hear how much proteins per kg of protein should be consumed or, “we should feed on protein,” while dieting, but do we understand anything?

What is Protein?

Recently, we have seen the importance of constantly dietary protein-based feeding in the media. Besides, every person who is dealing with fitness and interested in bodybuilding has definitely witnessed the use of protein powder. Is it necessary? I will try to talk inform you these issues.

Facts in this regard:

• Protein is found in all of our cells in our body, even cell is named protein.
• The basic building block of protein is amino acids.
• Each different protein we take is the association of amino acids in different sequences.
• Cell renewal is by protein.

This situation affects us very much about the sport. Especially when we load muscles in weight exercises, we cause the muscles to break and become damaged. We reconstruct the muscles with the protein we take during rest and during feeding.

Why is Protein Use Suggested in Diet?

Why are they suggesting protein use in the diet? Because protein is used extensively to repair the initial energy need. We first use carbohydrates from the foods we take in our bodies because carbohydrates can easily be converted to energy. We use 18-20% of the protein we take as body energy and then use the rest for repair and cell renewal.

When we burn 1 gr of carbohydrate and 1 gr of protein gives us an average of 4 calories, 1 gr gives 9 calories of energy. For this reason, our bodies primarily use carbohydrates. Then the oils and the last to use are proteins. We need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates in the diet and make it mandatory for our bodies to use oils.

Where is the protein found?

Protein is especially found in animal products (meat, milk, eggs), some grains and fishes.

Meat is a good source of protein for us. We should take advantage of meat as much as possible. Our contribution will ensure that not only protein but also a very important substance such as creatine is taken. We must consume white meat such as chicken, fish, turkey every day, we must consume red meat at least 2 times a week especially during weight training period.

Protein found in legumes is equally important to us. Because of the protein, carbohydrate and fat balance in the peas, these are the fishes that we should prefer.

Animal proteins are much easier to digest in the body than fishes.

What are the types of proteins?

What are the types of proteins

Protein types; whey (obtained from whey), casein (obtained from milk) protein, soy protein, hydrolyzed whey protein, isolated whey protein, egg protein, meat protein and plant protein.


It’s a fast-absorbed protein. Especially after the sport should definitely be used for the protein. Apart from that, we can use it at the time we want during the day. It is very good for increasing muscle mass and burning fat. will also eliminate our sweet need.


The difference from normal whey is that the amino acid composition is much thinner to increase the rate of mixing with the blood. For this reason, the most rapidly absorbed protein in the body is the variety. It is very suitable for after sports use. It does not contain cholesterol, lactose or additives.


Whey is a form of lactose, carbohydrates and other substances which are completely separated. The most suitable use is after training. It can be used with some yogurt for intake during breakfast. It is preferred by those who are sensitive to lactose and sugar.


Milk is protein. It will continue to support our muscles during the day or while asleep due to long-term digestion.
After sports use is not very convenient. Taking it between meals will also be convenient. It would be appropriate to take it at night to eliminate your protein needs while sleep or fasting.


It is a preference of vegetarians. It is preferred because the ratio of fat and cholesterol and lactose is low. It is suitable for after sports use. The level of fat and carbohydrate is low and creates an antioxidant effect.


Its digestion and synthesis are the best protein source after the mother’s milk. The egg has 6 gr protein on average, 3 on the yolk and 3 gr on the whiteness. It is also sold as a supplement, but it is preferred by vegetarians. It will be convenient to use its yolk every morning instead of powder.


In this way, we take high fat and cholesterol together with the protein that we have in our body. It is very suitable for the increase of our muscles. Although the controversy is still going on today, I think that we should pay attention to cholesterol. We will have protein capsules in our bodies so that we can eliminate the amino acids we need.


It is also suitable for the use by vegetarians. The lactose level is low. Especially peas contain carbohydrates and fat at a good level, along with high-protein. (the fat and carbohydrates in this place are ready to be used extensively).

I tried to share information about the protein I thought could be used in general. I wish all you healthy and happy days.

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