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What is Protein Powder?

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What are the effects of the protein powder that people often use to improve the body? What is protein dust? What are the damages to the human body? We searched for answers to all the questions asked about protein dust, which is energized and thought to speed up muscle building …

Protein powder is one of the supplements that are taken in order to stimulate the muscles to make energy before and after training and muscle building. However, Professor of Internal Diseases and Cardiology. Dr. says that the protein powder used by athletes who want to make muscles can cause serious health problems! Here are all the curiosities about protein dust …

What is Protein Powder?

It is called nutritional supplements containing one or more protein types that athletes who want to make muscle use to get energy and shorten the muscle building process after training. Protein powders have many different contents and varieties; casein, whey and soy protein. Differences between protein powders; these nutrients are derived from the raw materials from which the supplements are derived and by what technique they are produced.

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What are the types of Protein Powder?

• Whey Concentrate
• Casein Protein
• Whey Isolesi
• Hydrolyzed Protein
• Soy Protein
• Milk Protein Isolates
• Egg Album (Egg Protein)

What does protein powder do?

An average of 60 to 80 grams of protein per day is required for the human body to remain healthy and to be able to metabolize rapidly. Protein consumption is insufficient and the protein is the powder used by people who can not meet the needs of food with the help of food.

Protein powder helps people to accelerate the muscle building process by continuing to intense sports by taking energy supplements.


What are the benefits of protein powder?

• Repair and renew cells
• It strengthens the immune system.
• Provides the balance of intracellular and extracellular osmotic fluids.
• Energizes
• It gives power.
• The body meets all your protein needs.
• It serves to transport oxygen from the blood cells to the hemoglobin structure.
• Allows nerve and muscle systems to operate in a coordinated fashion.
• Allows wounds to heal more quickly.
• It provides weight loss because it has an accelerating effect on metabolism.

What are the damages of Protein Powder?

Unless you use more than the daily dose, the body will show some negative symptoms. Protein powder is not a drug. It should be used for expert control.

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It is dangerous when the egg is too much boiled!

Noting that people consumed the wrong egg, doctor said that the fat and the protein should go together in the body. Doctor said, “It is dangerous, however, when the egg is very boiled, when the eggs are roasted, because the trans fats have come to the fore, and when we boil, you know that there is a green thing around the yellow. the athletes eat the whiteness of the egg, I say to the athletes, the breeders of the athlete because the protein is very good, the protein will enter the body, if the oil does not enter the body, that is to say the oil of the egg, There is harm in the body, so the oil and the protein will be natural and the body will go together. “

Protein powder grows the heart!

Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology Dr. continued his words as saying that protein dust proved to be dangerous as a result of researches carried out in the world;

“Research has shown that when protein enters the body with fat, it accelerates the use of protein in the body, it makes it much stronger, I tell the body builders and those who do it, the most dangerous is the protein dust.Most dangerous is the protein powder called” I will do the muscle ” We have to get away from it, we have to even forbid importing it because trans fats are being offered in the gyms to improve the body, they are under control, the protein is growing in an adulthood, the heart is a muscle, the heart is growing and so is a heart attack. “

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