Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Why Do You Have Skin Flow?

skin flow

Skin color is related to the cells that the skin has for self-renewal. The melanin secreted by these cells becomes more dense in some regions as they age. This is the reason for the brown or red blemishes on the lip and nose, forehead areas. Melanin pigment is less in white-skinned women than melanin pigment in brown-skinned women. For this reason, white skinned women have more skin problems.

Blemish Treatment

Today, there are very successful professional methods to eliminate skin blemishes. With PRP application, laser treatment or chemical peeling, it is possible to eliminate skin discoloration. According to the pattern of the skin blemish, the discoloration completely disappear by the method determined by the skin doctor. The applied professional blemish treatment ensures that the skin becomes firmer and more energetic. In addition, it tightens the pores, leading to the formation of acne.

Skin discoloration treatment with natural methods

Lemon: ideal for removing color differences in the face, underarm, or genital area. To prevent skin spotting, you need to squeeze half a lemon and drop 4-5 drops of pure olive oil into it. The prepared mixture should be applied on full-stained areas. Lemon, which is acidic, is used to soften the spots and olive oil is used to soften the skin which is dried by lemon. It is recommended to apply this mask every day in the morning and wait at least half an hour.

skin flow 1

Yoghurt: It is often used for skin discoloration. Put a few drops of pure olive oil into a spoon of fat-free yoghurt, and rub it on the spots daily. The yogurt mask eliminates both stains and makes the skin look brighter.

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