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Why Women Should Do Sports

Why women should do sport is actually a question of different aspects of women than men. First of all, we have to admit that women are better suited to the creation of fat in the body than men. Fitness for women...

Why Women Should Do Sports

Why women should do sport is actually a question of different aspects of women than men. First of all, we have to admit that women are better suited to the creation of fat in the body than men. This is not really a problem, it is completely hormonal. For this reason, there are some problems in sports motivation. As a matter of fact, the percentage of women’s fat is around 28% on average and around 18% of men.

Muscle in women

The greatest fear in women’s fitness sport is to get muscles and look like a man. In fact, women’s physiology does not allow their bodies to get too much muscle. Men’s muscle percentage and muscle strength are 20-30% more than women. This is a proof that women can not reach a male physiologist. The women’s physics we have seen in bodybuilding competitions have been made for many years with heavyweights, as well as activities supported by unnatural pillars such as steroids, growth hormones. It is not possible to reach such a physique by exercising with heavy weight as you want with natural way exercises.

Why Women Should Do Sports ( 1 )“The exercises made with lightweight weights” are stable as a result of studies that do not amplify muscle volume too much, but this does not mean that women should work with lightweight. Our goal is not to make every muscle of our muscles and every fiber appear like a map. Our goal is that our muscles do not sag, have a proper physique, and a woman has to play sports as seriously as a man.

I would like to touch the issue that should be paid attention to the sport for women. First, hip and leg muscles need to be developed. As a result of proper working, the hip muscles will look fuller and more compact.

Because the muscles here are gathered, the hip will lift up and a more upright image will be provided. The development of leg muscles will prevent cellulite formation in this region, as well as the metabolism will be accelerated with the exercise of the leg muscles from the largest muscle groups of the body and the fats formed in other regions will have to be used by the body.

In addition to this, with the development of arm muscles, the back arm region, which is highly likely to form cellulite, will reach a smooth appearance and a tight appearance on the arm.

Weight Problem in Women

Muscles are programmed to actively strain and relax in our bodies. The muscles exhibit small vibrations and contractions, even though we do not move for a long time or even in our sleep. They need energy for contractions and vibrations, and they meet this need from the body. This means that when you increase your muscle mass, your basal metabolism, that is, the amount of calories burned by your body in resting state is increasing. What increases is related to the percentage of muscle. However, we can say that when we do regular sports, we burn 20-30 more calories per hour on average. That means an average of 500 calories burned on average per day. Even as long as we continue to eat the same meals without dieting, we burn more than 500 calories a day. This way our fat burning speed will increase.

Why Women Should Do Sports madonnaThe increase in muscle strength will bring us more benefits. The aging of the body starts at the age of 28-30. From this age, we are no longer able to release growth hormone. Every year our muscle is falling for this reason. Therefore, weakened muscles represent a weaker body, which means a more open structure to the injuries. By doing sports we do not just have to renew our muscles, but at the same time, we remain young. Because of the increase in the level of fat under the skin and the muscles means collapse. This is why an individual who plays sports does not break down and is still very vigorous. There are two photographs of Madonna’s 25-year-old and 54-year-old age. As you can see, there is no serious aging in the body. There’s 29 years difference. She does not have a cellulite or fatty body. If the reason not the sport, then what?

Women’s Bodies

It is obvious that the percentage of muscles is higher than that of a woman who does sports. Let’s compare two women in the same weight. 1 woman is doing sports and her fat rate is lower than the other woman. The same weight indicates that the muscle rate of a woman doing sports is higher than that of the other, and the fat ratio is lower. The fat in the body occupies almost twice as much muscle. For this reason, a woman that does sport wears at least two larger sizes.

Friends In this article I tried to explain why women should do sports. I wish everyone healthy days full of exercise.

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